Haleys Plumbing and Heating bogus charges

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My boiler furnace was making some strange clicking sounds and I was concerned there could be a dangerous problem with it, so I called Haley's because I remembered having them there once before for an emergency weekend call ($100-minor repair needed), and I knew they already had the information about the type of boiler I had.They said they could send someone out about 11:00am the next day to look at it, but he would be in-between calls and would not have time for repairs--he would just assess it for 'triage'.

He came and just stood and looked at it and listened to it start (the clicking). He said "its old, you need a new one". I cannot afford a new one, so I asked about the clicking--if it was indicative of anything bad. He said that it would need to be cleaned; about 4 hours of work for $500.

I know it doesn't take that long to clean it, and shouldn't cost that much, so he just left after 10 minutes--never having touched it. I was charged for an initial fee of $70 and 45 minutes labor at $100. I made a call to a NEW furnace guy (1st Class Plumbing and Heating--Excellent) came two days after this and fixed the clicking AND thoroughly cleaned my furnace in 1/2 hour and charged only $90.

Of note--Haley's SELLS furnaces.My future purchase will NEVER be from them.

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